Industrial pipelines are a business in their own right

Piping is essential to keeping our customers' business processes running optimally.

We design, manufacture and assemble industrial piping and piping, for both process piping and utility piping.

Our customers are mainly located in the food industry, but we also have many sites in the renewable energy and broad manufacturing industry. The piping we install for them is used to transport steam, gases, oil, chemicals and water, as well as foodstuffs.

We realize new construction projects as well as modifications and relocations of existing piping installations. But you can also call on AIV Industries for the renovation or replacement of an old piping network in, for example, apartment buildings, offices or companies.

We stand for a reliable pipeline network

We don’t just assemble pipes, we deliver a reliable pipe network where we leave nothing to chance.

We only work with high-quality materials and certified TIG welders in order to always achieve a perfect end result.

AIV is also a government-approved contractor for pipe work and metal constructions L1, class 3.

Prefabrication in our own workshop

If possible, we prefabricate in our workshop and also build skids.

A skid is an ideal solution for many companies in the process industry because a complete installation on a frame can be installed faster than assembling all the individual components on site. This also reduces the interruption of the production process.